Alternative Tours


Situated between the cruise port of Katakolo and Olympia, Pyrgos (or Pirgos) is a beautiful city of about 40.000 inhabitants. In Pyrgos you will have the opportunity to discover firsthand the everyday rhythms life in Greece.

If you choose to visit Pyrgos, do not forget to visit Palia AgoraOld Market. Also if time allows it, you can have a small stop in a local café and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere around.


The Mercouri Estate is located in the Western Peloponnese on the plateau of the Ichthis peninsula near the village of Korakochori (“the place of the crow”), 2 km from Katakolo, 12 km from Pyrgos and 32 km from Ancient Olympia. The estate is extensive with over 150 years of history in the production of wine, olive oil and in the olden days, Corinthian grapes (or currants). It belongs to the Mercouri -Kanellopoulos  family, who have roots in the Peloponnese and it’s a family with a variety of interests, but a particular love of the earth.

If you choose to visit the Mercouri Winery, the owners will welcome you on a walking tour  through the estate, where you will be able to experience the serenity of this oasis of rural tranquility. Points of interest include the cellar, the olive press and the traditional family museum.


Olympia Land Estate is located in a small village, Koskina, only two kilometers from the heart of Ancient Olympia, but very close to Pyrgos (20 km), the capital of the prefecture Ilia, and also in Katakolon (32 km) the commercial and tourist port of the county. Today the Olympia Land Estate is a family winery that began to produce small quantities of quality wines in the early 2000, and since 2008 creates the modern winery of the estate.

For those who have plenty of time, lifetime experience is the visit to the river Neda.
Neda is the only female river of Greece and is the natural boundary of Ilia and Messinia. Ta waters, after 32 kilometers of natural beauty, meet the Ionian Elea in place, just outside of Kyparissia.
The canyon of Neda, which runs though the namesake river, is a rare and yet unexplored until recently corner of Greek nature. The constant changes of scenery, lush vegetation, huge river stones into the light green waters and the majestic rocks, make its wake true challenge and enjoyment for visitors. The canyon is accessible during the summer months, while the beauty of the scenery compose olive trees, fig trees, wild oak trees and holly. At various points of the course there are a total of three waterfalls that lead to small ponds. Set upon a hillside is the church of Panagia and slightly ahead the recess, where according to tradition was found a miraculous image. The hiker is able to choose two main routes of shocking natural beauty. The only things you will need are your swimsuit and your sneakers … good crossing!