Olympia’s Gastronomy

Unrivalled local products, traditional recipes, wine routes as well as agro- tourism activities are some of the precious gifts of the fertile land of Olympia.

By visiting an olive-press, a vineyard or maybe a honey farm you’ll be able to get hands on with some of the traditional practices which help to bring these special flavours (extra virgin olive oil, wine, honey ect) to the dining table. All this, combined with the warm hospitality of the locals, will cultivate unforgettable memories.

1. Klio’s Honey Farm

(33Km – Min.Time 28 min)

Your visit to this farm will offer you a cool and refreshing break from the modern village of Olympia and off-the-beaten track into a garden filled with fruit trees and vegetables.

Under the shade, you will discover the secrets of the traditional crops and productions. You will have the opportunity to try fruits, fresh juice and coffee.
Try from the variety of spoon sweets and jams made from the fruit on the farm and preserved by the housekeepers as an old age tradition; recipes which have been passed on from mother to daughter for centuries.

Your visit in Klio’s farm will start with “diples”, a traditional sweet with honey. Mrs. Roula, herself, will prepare them in front of you as she unfolds the dough and the secrets of this mouth-watering dessert.


2. Local olive-oil mills

3. Wine routes – local vineyards.

The wine routes reveal special wine experiences in the wineries that are open to visitors. It’s time to get to know Protected Geographical Indication wines such as “Ilia”, “Letrini” and “Pisatis”.


1. Olympia land (Olympia Gi)

Olympia Land Estate is located in a small village, Koskina, only two kilometers from the heart of Ancient Olympia, but very close to Pyrgos (20 km), the capital of the prefecture Ilia, and also in Katakolon (32 km).Today the Olympia Land Estate is a family winery that began to produce small quantities of quality wines in the early 2000, and since 2008 creates the modern winery of the estate.

The history of the vineyard of the estate begins in 1985 with the revival of 35 acres of a family vineyard situated in Koskina (Ancient Olympia) and mainly consisting of the Moschofilero and Roditis varieties. The family Liarommati get used to make wine with the traditional way, such as pressing the grapes with the feet. It was like a festival because all the relatives arrived there to assist the family with the harvesting and with all the proccess of the wine-making. Imagine all the women of the family into the big stoned winepress to “dance” on the grapes until to gather all the must (juice) in the wooden barrels.
The winery facilities consist of two buildings surrounded by the vineyard of the estate. In the first building one finds the production area, especially designed to welcome the grapes straight from the vintage, with all necessary modern equipment to produce quality wines. In the second building, a stone – built mansion, one can find the underground maturation cellar, where the red wines age, as well as big wine tasting room where the visitor can unveil the secrets of the Olympia Land wines.

Finally, products of the estate and other local delicacies are exhibited in the welcoming reception area of the winery for the visitor to enjoy.

2. Mercouri estate

The Mercouri Estate is located in the Western Peloponnese on the plateau of the Ichthis peninsula near the village of Korakochori (“the place of the crow”), 2 km from Katakolo, 12 km from Pyrgos and 32 km from Ancient Olympia. The estate is extensive with over 150 years of history in the production of wine, olive oil and in the olden days, Corinthian grapes (or currants).

It belongs to the Mercouri family. The estate was founded in 1864 when Theodoros Mercouri, a cosmopolitan and successful businessman with interests in Northern Italy but mainly in Alexandria (Egypt), bought land that would eventually became the Mercouri Estate. Today the company, Mercouri Estate AE is operated by brothers Vassilis and Christos Kanellakopoulos, the 4th generation of the family.

The estate vineyards are located beside the family residence and in two nearby locations, with a total area of approximately 40 acres. The land and the climate are particularly well-suited for the production of high-quality wines and the vineyards are certified for Best Farming Practice. The estate grows more than 15 varieties of grape of both Greek and international origin, from which the wines are produced.


3. Markogianni Winery

It is a family business that has been active since 1982 in the cultivation of vineyards for the production of quality wines and spice distillation (tsipouro). Since 2001, the vineyards of the company have been cultivated in a biological way and certified by DIO. In addition to its own vineyards, the Markogianne winery supplies grapes from selected vineyards in the wider area of Skilloundia. Its main philosophy is respect for nature and the production of quality wines.

Its vineyards are located near the winemaking facilities and the main varieties grown are Rhoditis, Asparoudes, Filleri, Refosco, Mavrodaphne and Boletus and Mandilaria.
The harvest begins in the second half of September and ends in the early days of October, depending on the varietal and climatic conditions prevailing on the harvest.

Your visit to the winery along with the tour of the vineyards can be accompanied by tasting procedures, testing unique products, including the unique labels and varieties of wines such as Red Markogianni, White Markogianni and Rosé Markogianni, the wonderful fruity and refreshing Chardonnay , as well as the unique and special spirits such as the classic Tsipouro Markogianni and the exquisite aged Tsipouro Markogianni.

The tasting process is enriched and accompanied by our seasonal handmade production dishes, creating an unlikely framework of hospitality and delicious wanderings.