Our Philosophy

Five stars just isn’t enough for Nicolas—he deserves 5 stars +). You can tell that he really enjoys providing premium service and really cares about his business and providing excellent service to his customers. He is such a nice guy, we really enjoyed our time with him, and it really did feel like we left with another friend in this world.

– Tripadvisor review by user ToddLang

Based on our big experience and respect as a guide, our team’s goal is to provide you a high quality customer service and to reserve a unique and timeless place in your mind. Our first and most important motto is to promote Greek culture, Greek tradition and make each one of our clients feels the Greek hospitality!

Come to us… Nicolas and his colleagues will accompany you on your discovery of Ancient Olympia and surrounding areas!

Nicolas… our taxi driver! Your next Greek friend!

His name is Nicolas Theodorakopoulos, he is 42 years old and was born and raised in a small village near Olympia called Epitalio. He is a father of two children and he has been married since 2008.

He speaks English and after 10 years of experience as an employee and driver to a private company on the island of Mykonos, since 2004 he owns and operates a Taxi in Pyrgos. His car is a new Mercedes Benz E220 AMG, licensed by the Greek Ministry of Transport and checked by the Greek Transportation Checking Authority every year. It’s a comfortably air conditioned, luxury vehicle with a high safety standard, fully insured and free Wi-Fi!

At the beginning of his carear as a taxi driver, he served regular, everyday commuting rides in the surrounding area of the Prefecture of Elias. As time went by, through hard work and continuous effort, he started working in the tourism industry by offering his services to visitors arriving at the port of Katakolo. Over the next few years he managed to build bridges of trust, reliability and discretion with his clients.

As dozens of reviews on the Internet testify, Nikos is the best to express the ideas and values of Greek culture and hospitality.

He is a taxi driver who will become your friend, inspire you confidence and take care of you by offering you safety.


The award by the Academy of Athens.

At this point, it is worth mentioning Nicolas’s recent award by the Academy of Athens for his excellent ethos and his courageous act.
Nicolas, who is also the secretary of Hermes Taxi Association, was honored by the Academy of Athens, as on 11 of September 2018, saved from drowning a disabled tourist who fell with her wheelchair into the deep waters in the port of Katakolo.

If you can save a man, do it, do not go into the process of thinking about it, you feel better, you feel good, and that’s very important. The greatest of all is your moral satisfaction. I get it from those woman’s look, from my children’s faces! I became their hero.

That’s the message Nicolas share with everyone minutes after the award.