About Us


olympiataxi-nicolas-theodorakopoulosDear Visitors, Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the birth land of the Olympic Games, ANCIENT OLYMPIA also known as “the cradle of civilization”

My name is Nicolas Theodorakopoulos, I am 36 years old and I was born and raised in a small village near to Olympia called Epitalio.

I speak English and after  10 years of experience as an employee and driver to a private company on the island of Mykonos, since 2004 I own and operate a Taxi in Pyrgos. My car is a new Mercedes Benz E220 AMG,  licensed by the Greek Ministry of Transport and checked by the Greek Transportation Checking Authority every year. It’s a comfortably air conditioned, luxury vehicle with a high safety standard, fully insured.

At the beginning of my career as taxi driver, I serviced regular, everyday commuting rides in the surrounding area of the Prefecture of Elias. As time went by, through hard work and continuous effort, I started working in the tourism industry by offering my services to visitors arriving at the port of Katakolo. Over the next few years I managed to build bridges of trust, reliability and discretion with my clients. Based on my experience and respect as a guideline my goal is to provide you a high quality customer service and to reserve a unique and timeless place in your mind. My first and most important motto is to promote Greek culture, Greek tradition and make each one of my clients feels the Greek hospitality!

I look forward to accompanying you on your discovery of Ancient Olympia and surrounding areas!!



Why choose us:

  • We specialize in creating personal  private tours. With us, you will experience a  private tour based on your needs and desires.
  • We operate on your schedule. We don’t waste your time travelling and seeing sights in which you are not interested.
  • Our  private tour sightseeing includes you and your team. We can show you all of the Olympia’s famous attractions.
  • We don’t just drop you off and allow you to wander around on your own in other sights or areas. We don’t jam you in the taxi with other strangers.
  • On our private tour you will have our full attention. We will take you in, explaining and describing as we go. We make sure you don’t miss anything important, and that you don’t get lost!
  • If you are more than four  persons*,  (In collaboration with other colleagues  who work having the same philosophy with us and have followed us several times when we need more taxis to accommodate bigger groups) we can arrange more than one vehicle in order to serve your needs in the best way!

* According to the greek laws for a taxi license , each taxi is allowed to carry up to 4 passengers. This means that taxi drivers are not authorized to use mini vans or any bigger vehicle than a sedan.